Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giving Back part 2

February is my month of  A Dozen Quilters and I am asking my fellow bee members to make blocks for a charity quilt to be raffled off at an AIDS Walk fundraiser event.  I am going to copy most of my bee post here, with some extra information at the bottom, and a 2nd chance to enter my giveaway if you wish!


Before I start with what my project is about, let me tell you a little background...I have a best friend. well, bestest friend really...we coined that phase many years ago...I'm sure of it.
Jessica and I decided to be best friends during a bathroom break in 3rd grade and we have never looked back.
We have grown up together and we are the next best thing to sisters...although i have three wonderful sisters and Jessica has...ummm, I forget exactly how many sisters, but lots since she is the baby of 17 kids.
Jessica and I met for coffee this weekend and to catch up. I meant to take my camera for a pic of us, but forgot...but here is my favorite pic of Jessica at around 14 years old.

I love this picture...look at her determination...proving to me that she could indeed to the splits.

Here we are approximately 10 years later. We left home right after college to go to London, England, find jobs and live for about 6 months. Time of my life.
And here is where I should have a recent picture of us, but that doesn't exist.
ANYWAY...Jessica is the most giving of herself person you could ever meet. For the second year in a row she has accepted the leadership role of planning our cities AIDS Walk. Helming this event is practically and second full time job for Jessica, and I asked if I could help. I asked if I could make a quilt for raffle. She loved this idea...every year they bring several panels of the national AIDS memorial quilt to the walk so having a quilt to raffle seems like a good idea, huh?

HERE is a link to the web page giving more information about the fundraiser.
Here are a few blocks that I have made for the quilt.

I would like to do a cross block quilt, much like Lucia did here:

Lucia made this quilt, with the help of Flickr friends to comfort a family friend with cancer. She asked that we make the blocks wonky or straight just as long as they are at least 9.5 inches high (unfinished).

I would like the back grounds to be red.
red red red. No white back
Then the cross section of the block can be made with whatever fabric you like. I am looking for diversity!
Here is a very simple tutorial for making this cross block.
short recap:
red background for block
cross section whatever you choose
no juvenile fabrics please
each block to measure at least 9.5 inches tall unfinished
theme for AIDS Walk this year is Carnivale and Vive La Rouge is the event name.
PLEASE*** please pre-wash your fabrics!!!

I'm hoping to make a large quilt

Now..if you...anyone reading this post...would like to make a quilt block to help me in my quest to be finished with this quilt my mid April...feel free to say so in my giveaway post and consider it a second entry into my giveaway and then I will email you back with my address.  Thank you!

again...please specify that you want to make a block, so that I can send you my address.


  1. Jenny -- I want to help!! I'll go look through my stash now to see what reds I have and get them into the washing machine. This is going to look fabulous and what a wonderful way to contribute to a great cause.

  2. I would be happy to make a block, Jenny! Let me know!

  3. Hi Jenny, I'll make a couple of blocks for your quilt. Red background and bright cross! washed fabrics, yep I can do that!

  4. Hi - I'll make some cross blocks. I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of reds for backgrounds and I always pre-wash my fabrics (once burned by bleeding colors, never to forget).

    amyksmith35 at gmail dot com

  5. I'd love to make a block: I have a whole bunch of reds I got recently and certainly many fun contrasting colors!

  6. Hello Jenny,

    I've made a couple of blocks for your quilt. Send me your address and I'll get them mailed off to you.

    I hope it's okay that the fabric for the crosses have a white background. I had some really pretty fabric (white with red swirls and white with red star bursts) that went perfectly with the red background fabric I had and I thought they went perfect with the theme.

    aloha_mo_olelo at yahoo dot come

  7. Hey,

    I'd love to make you a block (or potentially a couple depending on what I find in my stash) for your quilt. My email address is maiestia at gmail dot com for you to send me your details. One question though - does the fabric have to be standard quilting cotton or is poplin or similar alright? (doesn't matter either way, just through i'd check)

  8. Hi Jenny,
    I'll be glad to make a couple of blocks for you.

  9. Is it too late to join you? If not, I'd be happy to make a few blocks for you! (I'm actually organizing something similar in one of my quilting bees!)

    Email me if you still need a few blocks. :)

  10. Great project!
    Can I still send blocks? Send me your addy if you're stilllooking...

  11. Hi Jenny. I'd like to make a few blocks if you're still looking.

  12. Jenny, I would like to make a block or two, if you still need them. My brother passed from AIDS 2 years ago. and he would like me to help. Be it ever so small. Let me know.

  13. please send me an address.
    i'll gladly make a couple of blocks.