Sunday, April 25, 2010


Have you heard of Vera Bradley?  Its a big deal company from where I come from and my sisters will be working the outlet sale this week.  I am thinking of getting a hipster bag (see link) but then I thought, why don't I just make a bag? 

well, for one thing, I have never made a bag before...and another, I am juggling about 5 projects right now and that is not normal for me!  But I wonder if any of you can recommend a tutorial or pattern for a bag similar to the one found in the Vera Bradley link above?


Monday, April 19, 2010


I am making progress on my quilt as you go log cabins.  It has been really slow going though.  I figure these blocks take me around an hour or two each to make.  They are 14.5 inches, so big blocks...I think my next block will be a bright, cheery aqua or yellow.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bag Sale

I love rummage sales.  Garage sales are great, but I need more bang for my buck because I don't get to hit the sales very the larger selection and the bag sales are what really draw me in.

What I am wondering of you you ever shop, and buy something knowing it probably won't fit, but that you could use the fabric in a quilt?  That is what I thought today of this skirt and shirt.  I just loved the Ralph Lauren pin stripe skirt...and thought it would make a great binding...and the shirt is 100% linen and Ive been trying to add some diversity to my stash.

So, do you shop like this too?  Does anyone want these items before I cut into them??

And lastely, I bought this pillow case.  I love the soft colored quilts I see on Flickr made with vintage sheets...but I'm not sure pillowcases are used as much?  This one seems very clean, but who really knows?  Any one else collect sheets that can give me any info?  This sheet is 50% combed cotton and 50% Kodel Polyester.  Is that the right combination that is used for quilting with sheets??

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bee blocks

Two more finished bee blocks for this month.  Kim wanted this star on the left with a mix of aqua/brown fabrics...I actually needed to go to the fabric shop because I didn't have any fabric with both colors!

And Melina sent out these fabrics for a wonky star block with deers.  I think she is ready to start a baby quilt for herself...although she and her husband are not yet pregnant...never too early I say!!

Also finished another block for my nephews quilt.  I like this project.  It's keeping me from Hugo's color wheel quilt, but I will get back to it...

And some fun swinging this afternoon.  My kids love to swing!  or...'wing' as Hugo calls it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I got started on my quilt as you go log cabin and it was fun to do!  Im excited to get thru some of my scraps and Im excited to work on birthday presents for my nephews!!  But I am learning that I really do need to learn something about thread.  I have always just used whatever I had on hand...garage sale threads, hand me down name it...but now I am wondering, from you...can you suggest a thread I ought to be using for my everyday quilting?  Im not entering any contests or submitting quilts to magazines, im just quilting for pleasure...what thread should I use??

I made it to a rummage sale yesterday...Colette came with me so we bought a few extras that we definitely did NOT need, but I found this piece of linen that I really like.  I don't know much about linen, no idea if this is good quality or not, but I plan to use some in the log cabin quilt because I know I won't have enough light colored fabrics to get to the end of the project!  Anyone know much about linen? 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Give A Kid A Quilt

I finished my quilt last week for Give a Kid a Quilt and am happy to report that I mailed it off this morning!!
But before I wipe my hands clean of this quilt, I want to thank Dana for the encouragement to do a charity quilt.  Dana had a little giveaway on her blog for fabric...providing you would use it for a donation quilt!  If you haven't checked out Dana's etsy shop yet, Thistle Hill Fabrics you might just want to pop over.  She has a lovely selection of fabrics and her customer service is the best.

And also want to thank Jamie for the easy peasy lemon squeezy pattern!  My sister is a beginning quilter and she is using this pattern with some lovely Nicey Jane fabrics.

so without further ado, here is the quilt:

It measures about 36 x 36 and it was the first time I ever used home dec weight fabrics.  If I ever use this type of fabric again, I will not use it on the binding, made for some tough hand sewing.  But I think the quilt turned out nice and will certainly keep a child warm!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ask me no questions...

I know I have been very absent on my blog, sorry about that.  Ive been doing lots of organizing around the craft area...ready to start/finish some fun projects.

Still working on Hugo's colorwheel quilt..fine tuning a few pieces and working up the nerve to sew curves.
I need one more maybe?  too many yellows maybe?

Finished a charity quilt for Give A Kid a Quilt and will show pics when its finished.

Starting a Quilt Along with Penny at  SewTakeAHike on Flickr...hopefully I can finish 2 twin size quilts for my nephew's birthdays at the end of October.

working on being healthy.  I think Ive developed some allergies or problems with sinus's or something equally awful.  Had a long talk with my sister (who suffers from all of the above) and hopefully I am taking the right meds to feel normal again!

AND, last but not least...I have been receiving my blocks this month from my 2 bees and it has been fun.  Melissa sent her fabulous blocks and this fabulous book!  Can you belive it?  She received it in a destashing process of a friend and passed it along to me knowing my love of all things Gwen.  Really so very kind...thank you Melissa!  My public library won't know what to do with their copy, it usually lives at my house!!

And if that wasn't enough, another blogger friend, Laural, who actually lives very close to me, found a great deal on 1974 fat quarters and passed along 2 jelly rolls and some of the matching solid to me!  This blogging community has been so generous to me!!  Thanks so much ladies!!