Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ask me no questions...

I know I have been very absent on my blog, sorry about that.  Ive been doing lots of organizing around the craft area...ready to start/finish some fun projects.

Still working on Hugo's colorwheel quilt..fine tuning a few pieces and working up the nerve to sew curves.
I need one more maybe?  too many yellows maybe?

Finished a charity quilt for Give A Kid a Quilt and will show pics when its finished.

Starting a Quilt Along with Penny at  SewTakeAHike on Flickr...hopefully I can finish 2 twin size quilts for my nephew's birthdays at the end of October.

working on being healthy.  I think Ive developed some allergies or problems with sinus's or something equally awful.  Had a long talk with my sister (who suffers from all of the above) and hopefully I am taking the right meds to feel normal again!

AND, last but not least...I have been receiving my blocks this month from my 2 bees and it has been fun.  Melissa sent her fabulous blocks and this fabulous book!  Can you belive it?  She received it in a destashing process of a friend and passed it along to me knowing my love of all things Gwen.  Really so very kind...thank you Melissa!  My public library won't know what to do with their copy, it usually lives at my house!!

And if that wasn't enough, another blogger friend, Laural, who actually lives very close to me, found a great deal on 1974 fat quarters and passed along 2 jelly rolls and some of the matching solid to me!  This blogging community has been so generous to me!!  Thanks so much ladies!!


  1. Once again you're welcome. You are such a sweetie. I can't wait to see that color wheel quilt finished.

  2. Ooooh a color wheel quilt! I've always thought that would be a fun quilt to make -- can't wait to see yours! Now -- don't make me come over there and beat you up -- don't be gone so long next time LOL!

  3. Your colour wheel quilt will look gorgeous. Another red would look great. I hope you get better soon, sinus/allergies are a real pain they make you so miserable! Gwen's book is such a nice gift, so inspirational xo

  4. Oh my goodness! Now awesome to have that book passed one - and the lovely 1974. It must be so happy to have found a good home :)

  5. Hey Jenny,
    I think you can for sure finish the two twin quilts before October.
    And I think you're right, maybe one or two strips too much yellow maybe, but really, it looks fab as is too!

  6. OO I like those colours for a quilt :D Good luck with it !!

  7. The colour wheel quilt looks fab!!! I can't wait to see it all finished.