Monday, April 12, 2010

Bee blocks

Two more finished bee blocks for this month.  Kim wanted this star on the left with a mix of aqua/brown fabrics...I actually needed to go to the fabric shop because I didn't have any fabric with both colors!

And Melina sent out these fabrics for a wonky star block with deers.  I think she is ready to start a baby quilt for herself...although she and her husband are not yet pregnant...never too early I say!!

Also finished another block for my nephews quilt.  I like this project.  It's keeping me from Hugo's color wheel quilt, but I will get back to it...

And some fun swinging this afternoon.  My kids love to swing!  or...'wing' as Hugo calls it.


  1. Great work, Jenny! I especially love that quilt as you go block. I want to participate in that, but I'm behind in so many other things I keep putting it off! One of these days....

  2. I love those wonky star blocks, especially the one with the tiny wonky star in the center. That is awesome! That swinging looks fun - loving that green grass too.

  3. I love that quilt and go block! and swinging is such a favorite of the kids - i used to love it, but now I get a little sea sick after a few minutes!

  4. Wow that star with the Jay fabric is amazing! I have never seen anything like it in blogland. I'm going to put it in my inspiration folder!

  5. Jenny, I love the star inside the star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!