Sunday, August 29, 2010


Good thing this is a blog about crafty things...because what I know about taking pictures can fit into a thimble!
The sun was shining down HOT today, but i took my Quilt As You Go quilt #1 outside for some pictures..

I found this quilt along on flickr and was loving the progress I saw Penny making, so I thought it would be a good idea for my nephew's birthday quilts.

It is a fun process of quilting the fabric directly on to the batting, like so:

In the first quilt (Eli's quilt)...I tried to keep each block a certain color...but as I'm working on the second quilt (Gabe's quilt), I'm just trying to use up the scraps.  So these quilts will look similar, but not the same...they are to be in the same bedroom, so I thought that would be nice.  Here are a few blocks that I have ready for Gabe's quilt...

and being modeled for you by my daughter:

These will all be squared up at the same time and sewn that point, I will tackle the plan is to stitch in the ditch and then hand sew around the inner square to lessen the work on the machine...and I have some perle cotton leftover from a past project I can use up...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hello all...remember me?

I just had a revelation in the shower...if I am ever going to be good at blogging...I am going to have to actually do some posts!  and if i am every actually going to have a 100 post giveaway, I am going to have to actually do some posts!! 

I have lots to blog about but I will start slow and easy and try not to reveal everything all at once!

I have had a hard time NOT shopping for fabric this summer...does it seem to anyone else that there have been some really fabulous fabric sales??  Here is one of my favorite parcels I received this summer...and best of was part of a gift certificate I had to the shop, so it basically cost me nada!

Now that is one lovely pile of fabric, right?  You can have this same package by stopping by Alewives Fabrics.  Rhea and her mom run the shop and carry only the best of the best!

ok, slow and easy...remember...Ill leave today with a shot of the Quilt As You Go quilt I am working on for my nephew's 7th birthday in November.

Whereas it looks like a finished product all folded up like still needs backing fabric...I used a method of sewing directly onto the batting...but more on that later.  

and hopefully sooner rather than later!