Monday, September 20, 2010


Right now I'm really wishing I could be sewing something with these fabrics...maybe not all together, but working with something from this pile!

But I'm plugging away at the QAYG quilts:

hand stitching on the dark side of where the blocks meet.  I went with a real dark backing fabric, so I'm hoping the navy( my JoAnne's has just white, navy, red to choose from) Perle cotton doesn't clash too much with the front. I have machine stitched in the ditch around each block, now just need to add a bit more stitching to keep everything together nicely.

and...I also seem to be ruining some nice fabric...I *thought* I was prewashing my Gee's Bend grape, but after 2 cycles in the machine and still bleeding like crazy, I thought I would soak the fabric a bit...and I am pretty sure I've taken about 8 shades of grape from my fabric so that now it looks like i have a dingy batik.

I was to be using this fabric in a table runner for my sister, but not sure it will work at this point.  pooh.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Candy bars


So it seems bad form to post without a I will leave you with a few pieces of fabric that have found a home on my cutting table...

I am loving all things Erin McMorris lately...have you seen she has a new line of flannels?

Friday, September 10, 2010


My sister found this shirt at a garage sale and thought of me...Im not sure if it's because she thought it would look good on me, or if she knows I like Lands End...but she bought it, and I'm always grateful for such little treats.

After looking it over and trying to decide what I would wear with it...jeans maybe?  not much else in my wardrobe really...I saw this:

I think it might be better used in my fabric stash vs. hanging in my closet really...

And speaking of my fabric is really enormous...Im following in the foot steps of other bloggers you might know...Penny and Holly and really going to try and ease up on all the fabric purchases.  Not 100% S T O P but seriously buckle down.

I also have been thinking of making some clothing for any of you sew for yourself?  I have never sewn clothing, but I have made a few vintage fabric purchases lately, and think some of them would make for nice shirts.  Do you have any recommendations of websites, blogs, or books that can help me sew my own clothes?  I'd love to have a link to your favorite free tutorial or some such nudge in the right direction.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For you...

Here is my latest bee block for Tonya of the A Dozen Quilters.

I love 1930's reproduction fabrics..they are so cheerful.  I think this will make for a really fabulous quilt~

Thanks for the well wishes on the etsy store.
I will be adding a button to my sidebar as soon as I figure that out.  Good thing my husband is so adept on the computer...I am very challenged by the computer. celebrate the opening of my etsy shop (and my first sale!), I thought I should host a giveaway! 
Leave a comment and I will let random generator pick a winner of these two Moda candy bars this weekend.  I will ship anywhere...

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Happy Labor Day to those reading in the US and Canada...I think??  Correct me if I am wrong Robin!

So, Ive been working on the 'quilt as you go' blocks for my 2nd quilt...and wondering if anyone had some feedback for me on different layouts.  Remember this is what version ONE looks like:

and here are the two options I have at present for version TWO:

OK, I know which one i prefer...just curious to hear what you think...and I am not ruling out using the same layout as version ONE.  so let me hear you!  Whichever I choose, I need 4 more blocks to complete the quilt.  The one on the left needs another row of light outer ring blocks and the one on right needs another row of dark outer ring blocks to complete the box.

Also, wanted to let you all know I opened an Etsy shop.  Thought it might be fun to sell some crafty items and some of the thrifty finds Ive made over the years...obviously my addiction to buying fabric is not dwindling so I am running out of space and my tastes are constatntly changing!  So, it seemed like a good fit for me.  I hope to add more crafted, patchwork, and other handmade things as time goes by.