Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hometown winner

I really must say...we spend a lot of time at the library and and I was so surprised by how many book suggestions I got that I have NEVER HEARD of!!  I am so excited to compile a list of all of them and work our way through them this summer!  Thank you everyone!

It was also recommended a number of times about workbooks...and we are doing I feel like we are on the right track.

In an attempt to not post without a picture, Ill show you a few of our favorite books, old and new:


yes...I borrowed the pictures from Amazon.

and so, without further ado...the winner of the Hometown scraps goes to:

Sandie, Ill send you an email if I don't hear from you first...must get lunch on the table now!

Monday, June 20, 2011

a fun little giveaway

A month ago or so, I won a giveaway from Sweetwater. You know...the awesome force behind such great fabric lines as Authentic, Make Life..., and the upcoming Hometown. Well....I won a fantastic box of Hometown scraps.

I'm super excited for this has a seriously cool vibe. I have a few pieces put aside for my next neutral quilt..and the text prints are fabulous. I thought someone might like a 'charm' stack of these fabrics?

My scale tells me this is 3.4 ounce of fabric. You want it? on the right side there are a few cuts from the canvas weight...very nice weight I think!! I'm thinking library bags for my kids.

So just leave a comment...maybe you can tell me your favorite way to keep your kids learning during the summer? or your child's favorite book? Ill have random number pick a winner on Saturday.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The baby quilt

I just finished a baby quilt.  I love it.  I finished it, and then 2 hours later, gifted it away. ... far far away.
although this could be a post on procrastination...I'll make it a post of progression...
this quilt was a lot of fun for me.  I think I have officially found my 'comfort zone' in the quilting world.  You can have your precision and patterns, I will take flying by the seat of my pants...without further ado...
I give you my process in pictures...

The start of the idea...inspired by quilts like THIS and THIS

 Worked on some liberated piecing...just had a pile of neutral fabrics on the sewing table, working with what I picked up...adding a few colors here and there.  Notice you will not be seeing the block on the far right bottom again...I could not get over how it looked (unintentionally) like an F.
 Adding more pieces to the puzzle.
 Now I am set in my layout, but debating on backing and binding...I usually like to mull these decisions over, but procrastination took away that luxury.
 Quilting begins....approximately 18 hours before the baby shower.
 Finished product.  I love it so much.  I definitely want to make myself a quilt like this one...full size...but maybe without the center patchwork.  I think I would prefer to focus on the spontaneous piecing in neutrals.
And because I wasn't slap happy and sleep deprived enough, I forged ahead with one of the 4 baby bibs I had intended to make.  This is a 'matching' bib and it is resting on the back of the finished quilt.

I made this quilt in 8 days.  Not sure I have start to finish made a quilt in that short of time before.  Not a quilt like this one anyway...I am happy to report the soon to be mom loved it.  She thanked me many times and expressed a love for the fabrics I used and the non traditional design of the quilt.  Such a great feeling to have a hand made gift so well received.

The quilt finished at 42x48 inches.
I did vertical quilting about 1.25 inches apart with a few horizontal lines thrown in willy nilly.
The backing fabric is an adorable Sevenberry fabric that is so wonderfully soft.

ETA: I forgot to mention that this will be my submission for June's Stash Project

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 9th, really?

End of school has been busy for us...

My daughter performed in her ballet class's recital at The Scottish Rite Auditorium which was so much fun for the girls to be on the BIG stage....

We took a mini vacation to the Columbus Zoo and Water Park which was an enormous hit with our two...mornings at the zoo and afternoons at the water park? yep...they loved it.
(and I squeezed in a stop at Sew To Speak which is an amazing fabric shop...oh how I wish it was my local shop!!)

And throw in a garage sale, carnival, gardening, and general outdoor stuff you pretty much get an idea of where I have sewing machine was also serviced during this time.  How much do you pay for a service?  OUCH, mine was $60.  Is that the going rate?

Here is what I am working on at the moment:

A baby quilt for my co-workers daughter...due next week.  oh my.  And also need to make some pillow case dresses for the month of May and June for my bee, A Dozen Quilters (ugh, Ive never been late for my bee before!  I feel terrible!!)

AND...finally...I'm planning on joining Katie again this year for 100 Quilts for on thru to read the details, or click the button on my side bar.