Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pillow top #1

Pillow top #1 by Krousegirl2
Pillow top #1, a photo by Krousegirl2 on Flickr.
I decided to make my nephews pillows for their upcoming birthdays. 3 boys...ages 3, 9, and 11. Each pillow will use different fabric to reflect how different the boys are...and the kids and I will tuck something special inside the pocket.  I have one pillow top done, one in construction and the third with fabric picked out.  I am going to be really brave and try doing a zipper closure.  first zipper!! wish me luck.

This wonderful pattern is buy Nova, and you can find it : HERE.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Have you seen this fabric?

ISO by Krousegirl2
ISO, a photo by Krousegirl2 on Flickr.
I'm beginning a project that needs some really good browns...I consider this a really good brown, except, this is all I have! and since I received it as a scrap, Im not sure what it is, although I think its a Michael Miller. Do you have this fabric? Interested in a swap or at least telling me who makes it??
many thanks!!

In other news...I'm slooooowly plugging away on my hand sewing project... I have one block done and 2 more set up....

 I'm happy with my decision to use Moda Crossweave in Natural...even more now that I see it has been reprinted!!