Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday darling...

As you can see, my not so girly girl is pleased with her pillowcase.  I did use #18 pattern at All People Quilt and it turned out OK.  It annoys me a little that it called for such a large piece of fabric, only to chop off about 5 inches after you've finished quilting....but I should have looked over the pattern better and realized that before hand...

I quilted it in a large grid...not that you can see from the picture...but I was all ready to try Monster Teeth free motion pattern (Thanks Des!!) when this happened:

At some point, I hit the zig zag button on my sewing machine and BLAM I broke the foot.  Very discouraging to have this happen at 11 pm...
I hope this foot doesn't cost a fortune to replace...anyone know?

And just so you can all laugh WITH is my daughters birthday cake...we made the frosting ourselves and I think I didn't get it runny enough as it was a real problem to frost...but then after Coco "decorated" it with York pieces in the shape of a Pokemon it all worked out. 
(what? you don't see Raichu)

It was a great weekend.  I can't believe my baby is 6!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yep, you read that right...Pokemon.  ugh.

My daughter's birthday is Saturday and I am planning to make her a pillowcase with this horrible, scratchy, rummage sale bought fabric.  And she is going to L*O*V*E it.

I looked through All People Quilt pillowcase patterns and decided on the quilted pillowcase because the fabric is of such thin, cheaply made quality.

Here is the question I'm posing tonight...should I do grid quilting as shown in the example or should I stretch my non-existent machine quilting skills and try something else...and if option two suits you...what is that something else? 

And in other news...I did purchase a bit more Children At Play fabric...and in an effort to cover the cost of incoming fabric...I am selling off some fabric on etsy.  Next item to be listed is a 1/2 yard bundle of Red Letter Day by Lizzy House

As you can see, I'm in no danger of running out...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Oh wow, it has been a long hot week!
The kids went to Vacation Bible School this week from they have stayed up much later than usual...missing naps...and having to find indoor activities because of dangerous heat index!  weird long week!!

I have been making a quilt for my best friends mother who is recovering from major surgery...and once again, I'm slowed down by the quilting process.  I need something more than straight line quilting up my sleeve!   I talked to a lady in my guild who teaches machine quilting at a local quilt shop and I plan to sign up at the earliest possible chance!!
I used a layer cake of Rural Jardin by French General...nice and easy.

And...I made a fabric purchase...I won a gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop a few months ago from the wonderful Leona (Thanks again Leona!!) and surprised myself by not ordering anything until now:

I love every single print I got.  LOVE.  I plan on getting lots more Children At Play but I will have to wait for a sale or discounted prices!

And lastly, it's my sisters birthday today...happy birthday Weise!  And in addition to a few things I bought her, I made her a pony tail holder...bright and cheery (and fuzzy in the picture I realize now) and fun for summer.

Have a great weekend, and I promise I won't be so absent from the blog!