Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday darling...

As you can see, my not so girly girl is pleased with her pillowcase.  I did use #18 pattern at All People Quilt and it turned out OK.  It annoys me a little that it called for such a large piece of fabric, only to chop off about 5 inches after you've finished quilting....but I should have looked over the pattern better and realized that before hand...

I quilted it in a large grid...not that you can see from the picture...but I was all ready to try Monster Teeth free motion pattern (Thanks Des!!) when this happened:

At some point, I hit the zig zag button on my sewing machine and BLAM I broke the foot.  Very discouraging to have this happen at 11 pm...
I hope this foot doesn't cost a fortune to replace...anyone know?

And just so you can all laugh WITH is my daughters birthday cake...we made the frosting ourselves and I think I didn't get it runny enough as it was a real problem to frost...but then after Coco "decorated" it with York pieces in the shape of a Pokemon it all worked out. 
(what? you don't see Raichu)

It was a great weekend.  I can't believe my baby is 6!


  1. No, not expensive! You can order them online and Leah has a video on how she recommends you alter them at the 365 Free motion project blog. Here is the link Good luck!

  2. Happy Birthday to the Miss!
    Do I spy water balloons? How awesome!

  3. I have one of those not so girly girls and her thing was and still is Ninja Turtles she's 25. Today is my husbands birthday too. Tell Ms Pokeymon Happy Birthday from Tennessee:)

  4. What kind of machine do you have, Jenny? I have an extra FMQ foot that will go with a Brother or Baby Lock.

  5. Happy Birthday young Miss, gorgeous pillowcase and cake, but not so nice to have a broken foot. I hope it won't be too much to replace? xo

  6. Awww, what a little cutie! Looks like she had a great birthday weekend. Sorry about your foot!