Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yep, you read that right...Pokemon.  ugh.

My daughter's birthday is Saturday and I am planning to make her a pillowcase with this horrible, scratchy, rummage sale bought fabric.  And she is going to L*O*V*E it.

I looked through All People Quilt pillowcase patterns and decided on the quilted pillowcase because the fabric is of such thin, cheaply made quality.

Here is the question I'm posing tonight...should I do grid quilting as shown in the example or should I stretch my non-existent machine quilting skills and try something else...and if option two suits you...what is that something else? 

And in other news...I did purchase a bit more Children At Play fabric...and in an effort to cover the cost of incoming fabric...I am selling off some fabric on etsy.  Next item to be listed is a 1/2 yard bundle of Red Letter Day by Lizzy House

As you can see, I'm in no danger of running out...


  1. You're so funny -- the sacrifices we make for our children. A pillowcase would make for good practice with machine quilting. How 'bout some loops or stippling in all the background behind the pokemon characters/

  2. did you see the star/loop quilting at the bottom of the pillowcase pattern? i think that would work well with the pokemon fabric. and i definitely think this is a great project to try something new on!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Daughter! A pillowcase is small so maybe it's a good time to try something new? Or maybe straight-line quilting to give it more body if it's super thin fabric? Ha, I'm no help! But I'm sure it'll come out wonderful! =)