Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bag Sale

I love rummage sales.  Garage sales are great, but I need more bang for my buck because I don't get to hit the sales very the larger selection and the bag sales are what really draw me in.

What I am wondering of you you ever shop, and buy something knowing it probably won't fit, but that you could use the fabric in a quilt?  That is what I thought today of this skirt and shirt.  I just loved the Ralph Lauren pin stripe skirt...and thought it would make a great binding...and the shirt is 100% linen and Ive been trying to add some diversity to my stash.

So, do you shop like this too?  Does anyone want these items before I cut into them??

And lastely, I bought this pillow case.  I love the soft colored quilts I see on Flickr made with vintage sheets...but I'm not sure pillowcases are used as much?  This one seems very clean, but who really knows?  Any one else collect sheets that can give me any info?  This sheet is 50% combed cotton and 50% Kodel Polyester.  Is that the right combination that is used for quilting with sheets??


  1. I saw a scout sale today from 8-2 at one of the churches on Coldwater...I love Garage Sales & Rummage Sales, but I couldn't make it today, my oldest son had a birthday party to go's been exhausting!

    Great finds at the sale...if you ever want a garage/rummage sale buddy let me know I'll go with you!

  2. I've never heard the term "bag sale". ??? I'm thinking I must have my head in the sand! You're a great shopper -- especially if you're shopping with quilts in mind!!!

  3. Jenny, we think alot alike. This is totally where my quilting mind is going...repurposing things to make quilts. But, as you said, needs to be good condition. Pillowcases are a definate YES! Most of the sheets I've collected are a poly/cotton combo.
    You could always make one of those adorable pillowcase dresses/tops for your daughter with pretty yellow rick rack!
    I'm trying to remember which blog I saw where someone used plaid shirts they collected and made the coolest quilt ever.
    I love the thrill of the hunt!

  4. I did a flannel shirts quilt for my dad's birthday. He loves going to goodwill and buying clothes, so I did the same for his quilt. Although I had to spare a few of the shirts from the scissors because he wanted to wear them first!

  5. i just go to many rummages, then eventually find some good stuff!!
    i have a lot of uplcucled 100% linen in a variety of colors if you are interested too..

    The pillowcase is super cute, and a poly blend should hold up longer, at least thats what I have heard others say...

  6. I think I need to keep this type of shopping in mind...another way to rationalize more shopping ; ) I think that linen stripe shirt will be really cool for binding...score!

  7. Right now, I'm enjoying RJR's Summer Solstice fabric line. It is such a happy print for totes & bags. By the way, I love the color wheel, too!

  8. OH, yes, I would use those also. VERY nice finds!
    So long as it is at least 50% cotton, it works well.