Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cross block on my mind

Thank you so much to everyone who has expressed interest in making a cross block for the AIDS walk fundraiser quilt!  I am so excited!  I have made 4 more blocks as well...

And then I thought...since I am making cross blocks...why not another version? 
I plan to make this quilt for Camp Watcha Wanna Do and...maybe this is a horrible thing to admit, but I wanted to practice on this quilt before doing the AIDS quilt.  I want to have some experience with doing a top with different width blocks....with maybe adding solid blocks...or 'equal sign' blocks...I want to experiment with this quilt before the raffle quilt...that is not such a bad thing, is it??
I am really enjoying the 'game time decision' each block presents...I have a mess of orange and blue fabrics out and I'm trying not to create gobs more scraps!

speaking of there anyone out there who would be willing to pay shipping for a flat rate envelope full of scraps?  smaller pieces....??

eta...I might have just cleared out a big pile of scraps...but Ill offer again next post if need be!


  1. I would be! I got sick of my scraps and sold/swapped/gifted a bunch of them. What do I want to make now? Um, scrap quilts. Yeah. So I'd be happy to help!

  2. I would be as well (if you have enough for more than one envelope). I've been thinking of doing another donation string quilt to use up some of my scraps, but since I'm bored of them, it'd be nice to combine them with some "new."

    I love the orange and blue color combination of this quilt!

  3. me too! i love other people's scraps - much more diverse when i don't pick them.

  4. Just think -- I wouldn't even have to pay postage. But, not to worry -- I have WAY too many scraps of my own LOL. And no, I don't think it's wrong to try things out first on the Camp quilt!

  5. I would love some scraps... I want to make a scrap quilt...How can I pay you!
    My blog site is

  6. love the crosses! haha love how you put the scrap thingy really small.. hehe! I have way to many scraps...

  7. Love scraps and your cross quilt is looking good.