Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Round Robin

So...I think this might be the 3rd post in a row entitled Round Robin...bear with me, I haven't had much time for sewing other than my bee obligations....and please remind me...NOW is the time to stop raising my hand for swaps and bees.  OK?


Ok...so here is the reason I think I keep signing up for bees and swaps etc....they push me in different directions.  I have never done a project with hexagons before...but when Christy said she was looking for additions with a 1930's feel...I thought of hexagons...and all the vintage fabric I have squirreled away in shoe boxes etc.

And after seeing this close up, it's probably very obvious I've never done hexagons or the appliqueing them on business...but this floral print is probably my favorite print used in this project.  And the dots of the background fabric match perfect.  I sure hope Christy likes what I've added to her quilt.

I think this ends my obligation to the A Dozen Quilters round robin...and I'm looking forward to getting my quilt back any day now!!


  1. Great job Jenny! I love the vintage touch you've added to the quilt!

  2. I think it looks great: you can never go wrong with hexagons.

  3. It looks lovely! It's just the perfect addition to an already gorgeous quilt and I love your fabric choices.

  4. I like the hexies. I think they make a neat border. Perfect choice!