Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review

I remember in grade school I loved doing book reviews.  I read the book, every single word, then was well prepared to be asked questions by my teacher...that was, until I reached 7th grade.  My teacher was tough.  An excellent English teacher, but tough.  He would always throw in a crazy question...for example, I remember making my way thru the whole book review, and the very last question...."What is the last sentence in the book".  What?  And he never asked that kind of question twice, so you could never prepare for it!!

But, I have a different type of book review today.  Annie's has sent me three books (over the course of this very busy month) and asked me to review them for you.    So let's do it.

 Quilts for Kids is just that...some very simple designs that would be great for a kid or charity quilt.  I have been siting here and envisioning what some of these patterns would look like in more modern fabrics!  There is a brick path pattern, that would be great with all solids I think...but the one that appeals to me most is a large, simple quilt called Around The Block (the pic is below in yellow/green/blue) what a great project to use up stash, right?
 Nine Path Panache is a BIG book folks...over 40 projects.  My favorite is this star below.  The directions are very easy to understand and the diagrams help every step of the way.

 And lastly, there is the Pillow Pizzazz book.  The projects are in the second picture below.  You know what I love about pillows?  They really give you a chance to try a new technique...whether in piecing or quilting, but without the huge commitment of a quilt.  This book has included some nice challenges for that...

So, I promised a giveaway.  Leave a comment below and tell me which book you would most like and why. Random Generator will pick a winner this weekend and the winner gets the book they like best! 


  1. I love nine patches so Nine Patch Panache would be my first choice. :-) They all sound wonderful! Thanks for the chance~ I know commenter 1 has the worst luck, but someone has to be first, right? ;-)

  2. Love the pillow book! Such satisfying projects!

    Thanks for the reviews of the books.

  3. Nine Path Panache - the star quilt looks amazing! ..."easy to understand and the diagrams help every step of the way" you say? :)

  4. I think the Quilts for Kids book would be great for using my stash to make charity quilts. I enjoyed your book reviews.

  5. Oh shoot! Did I miss it? I LOVE THAT STAR BLOCK!!!

  6. I stumbled upon this post by happy accident. I am one of the designers whose quilts appear in Nine Patch Panache. It was great to read your words that my Clownin Around quilt (the compass star) is your favourite. Thanks for that!