Saturday, January 28, 2012

my week in fabric

Monday morning started off on a high note...I got an email from Nancy Jewell of Free Spirit fabric telling me I won a bundle of Jane Sassman fabrics from their blog,  Is there any better way to start a week?  And the fabrics arrived just a few days later.  I think these big florals will be fun to fussy cut and my daughter has already snatched the purple prints for herself!  I am thinking this is the year I finally get a picnic quilt done!

And then...Friday evening I got an email from Amanda Murphy letting me know I won the giveaway on her blog for her great new pattern, Bejeweled and...a 10 square pack of .... Modern Whimsey!!!!! with some extra leftovers from her own quilt!  So now I get to see ALL the modern whimsey circles!!! plus all the other prints...really excited!!  My daughter wants to make the quilt pattern in a rainbow of colors for her that could be my next project!!!
And lastly, I popped into a quilt shop about an hour away from home this morning for their semi annual sale...have you seen this Foundation by the Yard fabric?  It's by Benartex....they had it on 50% clearance...a few designs like flying geese, log cabin...but I chose a panel of New York Beauty.  Ill get to it someday!  And since I drove all the way there...I picked up a few other goodies for my stash....

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry, exclamation overload this post.


  1. Lucky girl! No fabric wins for me but I've definitely purchased a few things that I really should get up on the blog!

  2. Congratulations on your wins! Amanda Murphy designs are the best - I just love her patterns!

  3. Oh you're so lucky! Yes I'm jealous even though I work in a quilt shop...go figure >.<

    Anyways I just wanted to tell you that my sewing anniversary is coming up in about a month, so be on the look out for a give away at the end of February beginning of March. =)

  4. The exclamation overload is VERY understandable! Congratulations on your wins -- they all look SO fun. That bejeweled pattern looks like lots of fun too -- lots of cute little dots.

    I did a NYB on foundation fabric years ago and had a bit of trouble with it, as the fabric was so giving, i.e., it moved and shifted a bit. Hopefully yours will be more stable -- just a note to watch out for it!

  5. Very fun foundation find!

    You have got to have the best quilt blog Karma - how many fun giveaways have you won?! Fabulous goodies make for very fun mail!