Tuesday, January 24, 2012

fabric shopping online

Have you ever bought fabric online and it was other than you expected?

I *love* the Mingle circles on the far left...with those few green circles...*love*.
I haven't bought much Metro circles (middle) and I don't know why...(I can hear everyone who lives in this house right now say...."Cause you don't NEED them!!!")  they are pretty great.

and now...Laurie Wisbrun has offered up these Modern Whimsy circles (far right).  great, right?  ... well, they photograph in a very deceiving way.  They are much smaller in person...which is fine, but I'm not sure I love them...at least not as much as I wanted to love them since they come in lots of great colors.

You can check all the circles, and other prints from the Modern Whimsy line HERE
I think I need to get some in Daffodill just to make sure!

So...what about you?  Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Yes. Once I bought fabric that I was certain was brown and pink. It turned out to be green and white! Darn red cast!

  2. Yes, several times - I think scale is the big one for me. Probably why I have a huge stash of solids rather than prints ;-)

  3. I usually have more trouble with a color not being just what I thought it would be. Sorry you were disappointed - knowing you though, I'll bet you'll put them to good use.

  4. Color is always a concern when ordering online. Otherwise, I love online shopping.

  5. Yup, its happened for me too. I love when on line shops photograph the fabric with a penny or dime so I can visualize the scale better. Cute circles though!

  6. This has happened to me multiple times and honestly some shops are notorious for blowing up images so large that you expect something completely different. Although I wouldn't trade shopping online for anything.

  7. I love mingle circles... recently found red on white and stocked up :)