Tuesday, May 4, 2010

another question

A little bit of progress here..working on log cabin, quilt as you go...10 and 11 block done...39 more to go!
They certainly need to be sized up, but I plan to do that all at once at a later date.

And, since I was feeling guilty working on quilts for my nephews, I finally took some wedges off the wall and sewed some together for Hugo's color wheel quilt.
It's a start...4th of the way there...now sewing the Kona Snow pieces to the arc is what really has me nervous...slow and steady, right?  and lots of pins...

also, I was wondering if you take you sewing machine in for service, or do you do that at home?  My Instruction booklet is useless...no info at all about cleaning my machine...not even where to add oil...and I have oil, I just don't know where to put it!   I have a Janome Memory Craft 4800 and it runs like a champ although it sounds a little 'loud' lately.  I should probably change the needle for one thing...so any info on how you take care of your machine would be helpful and appreciated!


  1. Sorry, Jen...I'm in the same boat as you. I own a viking and I know that I can take it to Jo-Ann, where the Viking Sewing Center is to have it serviced....but I think Edward's (on Clinton St.) sells Janome, maybe one of the girls can help you there.

    Good luck with the color wheel..looks great so far! also, I love the elephant in the log cabin square!

  2. Hey Jenny, It looks like you're having fun! Great projects. I have a Janome machine and do a lot of piecing and quilting on it. I have always tried to change my needle every second quilt...but then I think everyone has a different answer for this one. As far as cleaning your machine at home, I do.

    The first thing I do is remove the plate under the feed dogs. You will not believe the lint and threads that will gather there. I use a handful of q-tips to remove this stuff. When it gets down to the last of it, you can lightly dampen the q-tips with oil and wipe around the metal pieces, especially where the metal or plastic, is joined...at the screws or other fastenings. I also remove the bobbin casing, lots of stuff acumulates under there too. Same thing, little oil to finish. I am not sure about your machine, but with mine there is a "hole" with a funny looking nub sticking out. DON'T REMOVE THIS. This is like a wick with machine oil imbedded into it. After cleaning the first time, you will not be nervous about doing it again.

    I used to take my featherweights in for cleaning at a minimum of $75.00 a pop, and was going broke doing that. After realizing that you really can't mess those guys up, I evolved into cleaning my Janome at home. My dealer is > 40 miles away and I don't want to haul it back and forth. I am sure there will come a time I can't clean some places, since it is a computer, but for the mundane, I am able to do it at home. Don't be nervous, just give it a try. Grab your digital camera and take pics as you remove screws so you won't wonder where they go!

    Also, don't use a blow dryer or that handy air in a can. You will hurt your machine if you do. I have been tempted to use a vacuumm cleaner, but the q-tips work very well.

    I hope this helps, Elaine

  3. I open up the bobbin area and clean out the dust bunnies after every quilt or when it's going crunch crunch :) I also change my needle every quilt/project. I'm going to take my machine in for a good tune up though when I go out of town and won't miss it!

  4. I love the color wheel quilt -- it looks like you have a great start on yours. A love of machines don't require oiling. My really old machine has little holes where the oil is to be applied, but my new one doesn't require it -- it's "self oiling" or something like that.

    I have a Viking and I used to try to take it to the dealer every year to have it cleaned and she said that didn't really need to be done. I think she felt like they would clean it if it was in for another problem. I know some dealers tell you to clean them every year, but I sometimes wonder if they do that for the income.

    I do get into my bobbin area and vacuum it out -- I bought a set of vacuum attachments for cleaning computer keyboards -- they have little parts that are perfect to tuck up in nooks and crannies of the sewing machine. I use them for my serger too.

  5. the color wheel is looking great! have you seen this video? i haven't tried it yet, but it seems like a great technique for sewing curves pin-free:


  6. Okay Jenny. I used to own a Memory Craft, so it just takes one drop of oil, right underneath the bobbin case (you take that out) and there is a little cotton plug. Probably do that last. Take that little brush that came with it and clean out everything the best you can. Once a year take it in to get professionally cleaned. Pretty easy peasy. Have a good day!

  7. Well Elaine pretty much summed it up. I have heard that it's a good idea to clean around your bobbin every time you change it or refill it. I probably clean after every second bobbin and definitely change my needles regularly. Like you quilt as you go blocks! You're working towards a big quilt. I have finished mine and are now working on the backing...phew nearly there!

  8. I love your log cabin blocks...they're terrific!

    Do take your machine in to be serviced every now and then. You will notice such a huge difference in the way it performs. I'm sure they will also be very happy to show you how to clean and oil it at home. It should be somewhere in the $65 - $100 range, but well worth it! Your machine will last longer too!

  9. love those log cabins! You got lots of good servicing info...I really need to do these things to my beloved Janome.
    Hope you have a great weekend!