Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Santa,

I simply cannot help myself! All the girls on the playground are showing me their letters to you, Santa, and I have yet to write one! So here is the short list, dearest Kris Kringle...

This fab shop is offering to get my list directly into your hands....

I would dearly love some fabrics for Christmas:

any assortment of these prints would make me giddy.

and before it is too late, this lovely bundle would be put to good use.

and, since you are busy, and have a heavy load, this is always a well received gift.

Your biggest fan,



  1. Looks like you're in an impressionistic mood!

  2. That's really cute, Jenny. I never thought about a list like that. Of course, my husband doesn't read my blog. How rude!

  3. I hope Santa got your letter!
    btw- I love Bari J's full bloom line too, those roses and tea cups are precious!

  4. snap, that's my favourite store too but lucky you must get it faster than me as I have to get it all shipped to australia! they have great taste in patterns and fabric!!!!!

    hope you for what you wished for!!!!!!