Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas present

I found this pattern in Amanda Blake Soule's newest book, Handmade Home. The book is in very high demand from my local library and for very good reason. It is cool. Lots of good ideas...this is what I accomplished before I had to return my copy...and get back on the waiting list.

The bags are for my good friend who is forever at the beach or taking her girls hiking...and in our visit to them this summer I found everyone was always bringing treasures home from the beach or trail. The idea is to use window screen so that the sand or dirt or whatnots can sift thru the bag before they are forever in your car,van, or carpet. great, huh? just so happened our screen door has slammed its last slam this summer, so I had lots of screen to work with...and the handles are from belts my mom has had in a bag for who knows how long!!

These are my first attempts at making bags, and they were very quick to make. I realize the pattern is very simple, but I like starting simple!


  1. Those are great - and a perfect example of her use-what-you-have idea. I'm not so good at that. Probably would have bought new screening and belt fabric even though I have some laying around! Well done!

  2. Wonderful job! I made these this fall for my son and nephew... they are indeed great. Yours turned out beautifully! Good luck on the Fat Quarter Shop drawing too :)

  3. Aren't you clever! That's a terrific idea...especially for kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are awesome! I'll have to check out the book. Of course, my books come from ACPL too so I guess I'll be on the waiting list for a while.