Monday, September 10, 2012

trying something new

Now that we are easing into our school routine I thought I would add a little something 'new' to the mix.  Like many of you, I spend time waiting in school pick-up lines, at ballet practice, sitting at the park while the kids play, dentist/doctors appointments....the list is endless I think...SO, I decided to do some hand piecing.  I was inspired by Alison and the pattern called Jazz Hands or Erica's Honesty found in Material Obsession 2.
My plan is to cut into my scraps.  I hope to really push the limits of color combinations.  This block shown below is not entirely put together...I need another row of kite shaped pieces to border this...but I'm at a loss as to whether I want to follow the pattern in the book or to do something on my own.

Once I get a few more blocks done, I'll check back in for your advise! 

The other new adventure in quilting this weekend was a curves class.  How to do curves and still have your project lay flat!  It was a good class and I'm happy to have learned the technique.  Now I need to keep pushing myself to finish the project instead of adding to my pile of WIPs!


  1. I like them both! It will be interesting to see what they both become when they grow up!!

  2. Looks like you're keeping busy and having fun! I love your block -- especially the stripe pieces that form chevrons. I'm really wanting to start a new handwork project too. I'm thinking of doing hexagons or stars, but I've always loved the carpenters wheel. Or something like you're working on -- I always see blocks that Material Obsession shows that I'd love to try. The possibilities are endless!!!

  3. great idea for a hand project - hand piecing really scares me as my hand sewing is so wobbly!