Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a story book village

Have you ever seen Super Why?  I guess that is what I had in mind when I started this quilt for some friends of mine expecting their first baby.  I have a number of fabrics with letter and words on them, and I think they are fun to play with.  Each house on this quilt uses some form of text prints. 
Each house is free pieced...no patterns...just piecing, and having fun.

This house has some great Cosmo Cicket alphabet roof and awesome japanese fabrics for the door and windows.  (Im not sure about these fabrics, they were a gift from a friend)
This house is made up of V& A fabric, Sunkissed by Sweetwater, and a few other bits and bobs.
And a funny tangent...when I showed my daughter the flower, she asked me why I wanted to put a lighthouse on the baby quilt...so I will never look at this flower and think of it only as a flower!!

I had a local long arm quilter quilt book titles into the quilt.  I gave her a list of about 65 books the kids and I love, but she was only able to fit about a dozen on the quilt. 

The quilting was done so that it is legible from the back of the quilt.  Mostly solid, with the word SLEEP pieced on the bottom.  I think Denyse Schmidt has a pattern in some magazine with this pattern.  I didn't find the magazine/pattern, but used Tonya's patterns from her most excellet book, Word Play Quilts.


  1. Oh Jenny! What a treasure! Are you sure you want to give it away LOL? I love all of your extra special little touches!

  2. Such a fun and interesting quilt Jenny. Love all the details and the perfect backing.

  3. That is so amazing!! I'm sure your friends will treasure it! Love all the details and thought that's gone into it. Beautiful :)

  4. Wow... you are so creative.. this is wonderful/

  5. What an amazing gift! A real treasure to enjoy for years. Love all the details you put into it. The flowers and the lovely quilting, the two equally interesting sides, the wonkiness and playful layout. One of a kind. So beautiful!

  6. How beautiful and utterly charming. My eye went directly to that lovely lighthouse/flower as well!

  7. love the quilt. my three-year-old is obsessed with super why right now. the only time we let her watch tv is in the morning on the weekend, and i cannot even remember the last time she requested something other than super why. i want so much to show her the pictures of your beautiful quilt, but i'm afraid i'd never hear the end of it until she had a super why quilt of her own!