Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three things

I am *really* excited about three things today...
Lily of the Valley.  Maybe my favorite flower...blooming in my backyard...its such a short season for them here in Indiana...

I won two giveaways!!!  Two incredible books!!
Thank you so much Em for Material Obsession 2.  I love Kathy and Sarah's work!!  ( You should check out Em's blog...she is an incredible quilter and an amazing person!!)

And...from Fat Quarterly I won Sarah's newest solo book, Quilting from Little Things....
I am so excited to NOT have to wait until this one is released in the States!!!  Ive only just made it thru the introduction, but I love that there is a mini quilt of every pattern!  What fun!!

And thirdly...

I borrowed this pictures from HERE...can I do that?

Gwen Marston will be the lecturer and teacher at my guild later this year and I will be there!! Two days!!  Oh, I am so excited!


  1. YOu are one lucky gal! And that Em is the best!!
    I haven't seen the Fielke book yet but you've certainly piqued my interest!

  2. Oh Jenny! This is perfect for you. I'm so excited for you too. Wish I could be there. (the flowers are also beautiful)

  3. Three wonderful things, they say good things come in threes!! Lily of the valley is my flower (yup I'm nearly one year older! *sigh*) and here everyone gives it to everyone else on the 1st of may to bring good luck!

  4. You're such a winner! Wow, how do you score two-like books, like that???!!

  5. lily of the valley is my fave too!

  6. Oh Jenny, congrats on winning these two gorgeous books full of inspiration! And classes with Gwen, wow! xo

  7. I took a 2 day class with Gwen and it was fantastic. I learned so much from her. You will have a blast. Congrats on your wins.

  8. Jenny, u r going to absolutely love Gwen!!!!!!!! She is so fun to chat and it us fun to wach her circulate during class. Hope u have enjoyed the book!