Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Iva's block

I finished up a block last night for my Dozen Quilter's bee...
It was a fun one to do, and i like the colors Iva requested we use.
I don't use nearly enough yellow.

I have been sick and not sure why I am still coughing and sneezing...feel really out of energy...and this illness has really hampered the working out I have been doing with my new Wii Fitness Coach.  :(
May have to break down and call the doctors office...

We have managed to make it outside to play in the snow a few times in the past few days though...wish it was not so cold though...

I got a question about the outermost fabric in bee block...I wasn't able to respond to you robinde because you have your id set up at no reply...but the fabric is: Woodstock for Benatrex


  1. Jenny that is so cute! I feel the same way, not using yellow like I should.

  2. I love your latest block! It looks very dynamic with the angled lines and bright vibrant colors. What is that cute dot fabric on the outside?

  3. That's a great block...the colors and fabrics are wonderful! Looks like you had fun in the snow. Hot chocolate with marshmallows afterwards?

  4. That photo of your daughter is amazing! You enlarged it and made wallpaper with it right? ;-)