Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thanks for your suggestions of what to do with the leftovers from my obsessive squares cutting...
I have a few things happening on my "design wall".   Some neutral blocks and then some blocks made using the leftovers of my square cutting...I think there is some hidden potential in both projects!

OK, my oldest sister who NEVER asks me to make her anything has asked for a lap top case.  Help! does anyone have any pattern suggestions or tutorials to point me to?

ok, someone is waiting to finish our game....


  1. this is the go-to place to find inspiration and tutorial. :)

  2. Here are two laptop case tutorials I've saved:
    Looking forward to seeing your scrap projects!

  3. I just saw this great tutorial today for a really nice lap top bag.

  4. Gosh -- ask and ye shall receive -- look at those great links you've received! See ya tomorrow!