Wednesday, August 24, 2011

laptop update

Thanks so much to everyone who chimed in with laptop tutorials!

I think I'm going with the one at CrapIveMade...

but now, can I request one more round of input?  My sister and I have really different taste.  Really different.

She is thinking she would like a fabric that is kind of Art Nouveau but does not look ANYTHING like ANYTHING Vera Bradley has ever produced.  (Being in the same city as Vera Bradley kinda does that you.)
I sent her to Quilt Home and she found this Amy Butler print...I'm not sure of the size on this print, do you think it will work on a laptop cover for a laptop that has a 17 inch diagonal screen? 

Can you suggest any other fabrics that might fit the bill?


  1. Anna Maria Horner's Loulouthi has a similar feel (IMO)

  2. I think this print will work!

  3. That print would work. But I'm VERY partial to the new Dewberry Heirloom prints.

  4. anything by Amy Butler would work. I get the whole anti-Vera Bradley thing.
    I think with the ruffled part you can add in a solid and calm it all down. I agree with the Dewberry Heirloom and Loulouthi too. But they probably aren't art nouveau?

  5. If you go to and type in nouveau there are 200 results. I like this one:

    That AB print is pretty big, if I remember right - it might take extra to get the design centered on both sides of the cover.

  6. I think that print would be awesome on it! I had the same issues with a laptop bag for my daughter - I bought a little extra so that I could play with the placement of the pieces.