Sunday, August 7, 2011

book finds

The kids and I were at the downtown library this week and I found a few treasures...some I bought at the bookstore of library withdrawn books and a few I borrowed.

First, my purchases:

Can you believe the library let me have these books for $1 each!  I love Amish quilts, and I read the first chapter of The World Of Amish Quilts while sitting outside with the kids.  There are many Amish communites nestled all around northern Indiana, I find it fascinating to learn more about their culture.
(and a quick stop at a thrift store netted me some binding and ribbon for cheap!!)
And then I checked out a number of other quilting books, these two being my favorite.

Carla recently posted about one of Mary Mashuta's books and blogged about her project, check it out!  Both of these are great books!

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