Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stash project of the Month

Do you see that cute button on the side bar?  the top one.  Stash project of the Month.  Jennie and Clara have a fun blog, great projects, and great incentive to link up each month with a project you are working using your stash.  I was lucky enough to win last month on their blog for linking up the Valentine's Dolls I made my kids.
They sent me this sweet stack of fat quarters, fun, huh?

Well I plan to link up again this month (hurry only 2 days left to link up!!) with this project for decorating our house for spring.
Please disregard the trains sitting on the mantel...I'm lazy about house keeping.  But isn't the bunting cute?  I love Sandi Henderson's Henna Garden print.  In every color!!  I'd like to pick up a few more colors so I can make another one of these buntings for Colette's bedroom in different colors...wish it came in purple! 
I think Henna Garden is one of the prettiest fabrics out there!


  1. So pretty, Jenny! Henna Garden is one of my favorites, too!! Especially in brown & yellow...;)

  2. I agree totally! Nice bunting!

  3. I love that henna print too. I'm wondering if I even have any though -- I'm afraid to look 'cause if I don't have it, I might need to get some LOL!

  4. Oh! Henna Garden is one of my favorites! That bunting is too cute. I also wish it came in purple...but the new gray-ish color is super pretty. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Lovely project! I love that fabric line so much. I used it in brown to bind the little blanket I knitted for my baby. I love seeing it around the house!