Sunday, September 5, 2010


Happy Labor Day to those reading in the US and Canada...I think??  Correct me if I am wrong Robin!

So, Ive been working on the 'quilt as you go' blocks for my 2nd quilt...and wondering if anyone had some feedback for me on different layouts.  Remember this is what version ONE looks like:

and here are the two options I have at present for version TWO:

OK, I know which one i prefer...just curious to hear what you think...and I am not ruling out using the same layout as version ONE.  so let me hear you!  Whichever I choose, I need 4 more blocks to complete the quilt.  The one on the left needs another row of light outer ring blocks and the one on right needs another row of dark outer ring blocks to complete the box.

Also, wanted to let you all know I opened an Etsy shop.  Thought it might be fun to sell some crafty items and some of the thrifty finds Ive made over the years...obviously my addiction to buying fabric is not dwindling so I am running out of space and my tastes are constatntly changing!  So, it seemed like a good fit for me.  I hope to add more crafted, patchwork, and other handmade things as time goes by.


  1. Oh Jenny, very cute quilt, love it! I like the first one, maybe, lol! I have to go check out your etsy shop. I love mine alot and have met some lovely people all over the world. Have fun, Elaine

  2. I love how your quilts are looking! I do have to say that I prefer the checkerboard look with these blocks (like how you have the first one). Even if you don't go that route with both, they will look great!

  3. Hey Jenny!
    I think I like the first one, too...;)
    Off to check out your etsy shop!!! Congrats!

  4. you make quilt-as-you-go look so tempting! My vote is for the first one. I think because the squares have lights and darks intermingled so that pattern carries over when the squares are 'randomly' placed as opposed to a distinct shape (lines in option 2 and square in a square in option 3). thanks for sharing!

  5. OH, and I think the darker squares act as colorful frames for the lighter squares. Yep, like that also!

  6. I prefer the checkerboard look, but of the 2 other choices I like the alternating rows.

  7. Still liking the stripes I think. Either way it's going to look good. Congratulations on your etsy shop btw!!

  8. Another vote for version one. :0) I love it!

  9. Hi Jenny
    I love the title of your blog...I usually say that over and over again when I am working on a quilt top. I like version one also. The pattern is really nice.
    I will check out your Etsy shop. I started one seller name is madebybarbara.
    What is yours listed as so I can find it.

  10. my preference would either be the checkerboard look (same as quilt #1) or the dark box with lighter inside blocks. i'm excited to see which of the 3 versions you end up making! yes, labor day is celebrated up here in Canada too, thank goodness!

  11. Congrats on your new etsy shop -- you need to add a button in your sidebar! ;-)

    My preference is definitely quilt #1 -- very cute!

  12. Congratulations on your Etsy shop, very exciting!!! I like the 2nd option, it's more mixed up =)