Sunday, August 29, 2010


Good thing this is a blog about crafty things...because what I know about taking pictures can fit into a thimble!
The sun was shining down HOT today, but i took my Quilt As You Go quilt #1 outside for some pictures..

I found this quilt along on flickr and was loving the progress I saw Penny making, so I thought it would be a good idea for my nephew's birthday quilts.

It is a fun process of quilting the fabric directly on to the batting, like so:

In the first quilt (Eli's quilt)...I tried to keep each block a certain color...but as I'm working on the second quilt (Gabe's quilt), I'm just trying to use up the scraps.  So these quilts will look similar, but not the same...they are to be in the same bedroom, so I thought that would be nice.  Here are a few blocks that I have ready for Gabe's quilt...

and being modeled for you by my daughter:

These will all be squared up at the same time and sewn that point, I will tackle the plan is to stitch in the ditch and then hand sew around the inner square to lessen the work on the machine...and I have some perle cotton leftover from a past project I can use up...


  1. What a fun quilt you are making.

  2. I like the fun colors you've got going on in these quilts. There's a lot of cool things to look at on these quilts. Love those little blenders!

  3. Love how this has turned out. Great idea to hand sew around the inner square with the perle cotton too!

  4. Oh, that looks like so much fun! And think how much easier the quilting will be. Very Cute!