Friday, September 10, 2010


My sister found this shirt at a garage sale and thought of me...Im not sure if it's because she thought it would look good on me, or if she knows I like Lands End...but she bought it, and I'm always grateful for such little treats.

After looking it over and trying to decide what I would wear with it...jeans maybe?  not much else in my wardrobe really...I saw this:

I think it might be better used in my fabric stash vs. hanging in my closet really...

And speaking of my fabric is really enormous...Im following in the foot steps of other bloggers you might know...Penny and Holly and really going to try and ease up on all the fabric purchases.  Not 100% S T O P but seriously buckle down.

I also have been thinking of making some clothing for any of you sew for yourself?  I have never sewn clothing, but I have made a few vintage fabric purchases lately, and think some of them would make for nice shirts.  Do you have any recommendations of websites, blogs, or books that can help me sew my own clothes?  I'd love to have a link to your favorite free tutorial or some such nudge in the right direction.


  1. Two of my favorite clothes sewing blogs are and
    They both really know what they're doing and offer lots of help.

    The sewing part is easy - getting the clothes to fit is alot more challenging. Have fun with it!

  2. Sewing clothes scares me... a lot! ;)

    My Mom is great at it; me not so much. Just takes practice I think!

  3. You have tons of fabric! Why would you cut up a cute shirt when you are thinking of making yourself a shirt? Wear the shirt--with jeans, or khakis, or white capri pants would be super cute! I love the shirt. Use the shirt as a pattern for more shirts. Don't cut the shirt to add to your crazy big stash! Snort!

  4. Love the shirt and I couldn't cut it up. I have sewn a few clothes for myself and my daughters. For tips on sewing clothes I would recommend this blog She has recently put out a great book too that I'd love to get my hands on.

  5. So pretty! I'd start sewing some simple things for the's amazing how quickly you gain confidence and skills. Though I still haven't launched into something for myself yet - as Barbara M said, it's getting the clothes to fit that is the issue. But kids can wear a rectangle with an elastic waistband and look good! (maybe try Oliver + S's free lazy days skirt pattern)

  6. I'm with Amy, I love the shirt! I would be so sad if you cut it up!It might be cute layered with a warm long sleeve(not turtleneck...thinking round neck henley not thermal) for winter in white, beige, green or aqua. No stashing of the shirt. Love the linen...strange to maul a good shirt while thinking of making shirts....

    I'm thinking of trying Lila Tuellers Funked Out Peasant Blouse pattern. That way no huge yardage needed. I can make use of nice stashy bits! YAY! plus, it is really my style ;-)

  7. I've got a huge stash of clothes to use as fabric ;) One day!