Thursday, February 23, 2012


I love vintage quilts.  Trouble is...if I can afford them, they usually have a big hole in the center like this beauty hanging on my dads clothesline.  It does make me happy to know that someone used this quilt alot.  Its very worn, a number of stains and as said earlier, hole in center.  I hope the quilts I'm making will one day show as much wear and tear and love ...

I need to wash this, but will probably have to use the bath tub since it is rather fragile.  So I think Ill wait until it is warmer and can dry outside.
Would you all be terribly disappointed to know that I bought this quilt with the intention of cutting it up and making new Christmas stockings for my family this year?
I continue to fold fabrics.  Will it ever end? 


  1. No, I would not be disappointed. I did the same thing and it brings me great joy each December when I bring out my stockings. I would have never used that quilt (mine)because it was tattered and torn. This way I still get to see and admire the stitches. What a great find!

  2. Great idea!
    Fold fold fold! Go Jenny! I can't wait to see your "after" picture of all that folded fabric!

  3. I LOVE vintage quilts and I've grown a little collection of them too. I've been pretty lucky with the quality of ones that I've found for under $40. While I would love those beautiful ones that cost $'s never gonna happen.

    Thanks for sharing this gem.

  4. Wow Jenny - that's a beautiful old quilt. When they have holes in them, I've heard them called cutter quilts - they're meant to be cut up. Great work on the fabric folding - the end will come soon! :-D

  5. Stocking from that quilt will be lovely!... or a pillow top with any leftovers :)