Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's day craft for school

I volunteered to supply a craft for my daughters Kindergarten class for the Valentines day party.
All the while, I had Jenny's inspirational heart garland running thru my mind.

And then I got an email...reminding me that our class was hosting BOTH Kindergarten classes.  So...that doubled the number of kids I needed to supply a craft for.  ugh.

Thank goodness my mom was free this afternoon and willing to help me cut out over 300 hearts, glue them wrong sides together, and then cut 2 slits into those hearts so we could run ribbon through them to hang in a doorway.

Not quite as lovely as Jenny's garland but I think the kids will have fun, and I burned thru a few yards of fabric! Yay for using stash!


  1. Your mom is a saint!!! Love the project and you are so right about putting that stash to good use :)

  2. Jenny, I think it turned out super cute!! I posted the how-to for my garland today and I'll go add in the link to your post to show a variation. :)