Thursday, December 9, 2010

Teacher's gift

2 posts in one day?  I will chalk it up to poor planning!

I need a bit of help if any of you are teachers out there.  My daughter and I worked on some Christmas gifts for her teacher...and so that these gifts make sense, I will tell you her class is called the Frog Class...

We made a button covered hairband and two frog magnets....
 and I made my first ever tote bag.  A friend was so kind to send me some fun frog fabric, and I used Terri's tutorial for the tote.
(yes, Colette was Rudolf at school today and would prefer to reamin so the entire today...hope the ballet teachers think it's cute too!)

OK, so I have some other fabulous frog fabric I can use...should I keep crafting, or should I just include a gift certificate to someplace the teacher might like?  coffee shop? educational teacher shop? something entirely different?  I am guessing after years of teaching Mrs. Holley may have enough frog gifts to wallpaper the I would really like to hear what you have to say!


  1. I dont know....I really have the same questions. This is my first year having a kid in we need to get her something. Like what? Im clueless.

  2. Very cute gifts! I'd definitely vote for the gift certificate to go along with your gifts. I was visiting one of my boys' 2nd grade teachers a few years ago (she lived in a darling house right by that log cabin where Jefferson and Washington split by Sweeney Park - I always forget what that area is called) and I asked her what she'd done with her 40 years of Christmas and end-of-year gifts. She smiled and said most of them had gone to Goodwill. They just get so much "stuff"! Good Luck with your decision! ;-)

  3. HOme made is always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CUTE tote bag! Great use of that fabric! Oh, darling model, too. =)

    When my kids were younger the room mom (most often me) would take up a collection from any of the parents who wanted to contribute & get the teacher a nice high value gift card from the class. Our rules changed her & room moms are no longer allowed to do that, but another mom usually steps in & does it.

  5. As a teacher I would be happy with what you have made and no gift certificate! Even a card is appreciated.

  6. As a teacher, it's always lovely when someone acknowledges you have a life outside of teaching. If you're thinking gift cards, I'd go for a fun restaurant, coffee shop, boutique, nail salon... Something where she can relax and let the worries of working with so many little lives slip away.

    Your magnets are adorable. I am sure they will be treasured! And one can never have too many tote bags, especially with all the things that have to be transported from home to school and back again. I usually have at least 3 bags with me at all times when going to/from school :-)