Wednesday, December 22, 2010

fabric budget

In an effort to better understand why I buy so much fabric

1) i love it
2) its a great deal, on sale
3) i need it to finish a project
4) i think it will work for a future project
5) retail therapy

I'm wondering why do YOU buy fabric?

I am facing facts that I have too much fabric.  I know this.  But somehow, that doesn't seem to be enough of a reason to STOP buying fabric.  I really need to stick to a budget in the coming year, and I'm looking for methods that work for others...any feedback would be much appreciated.

And thank you for the encouragement and advice with my mom's Christmas Quilt...I should finish the top today, and high hopes that I may actually pull this off before a Christmas afternoon deadline!


  1. You have some great looking fabric!!!

    I know what you mean about watching the fabric budget...i use to be really bad about it...within the last few months I've had to virtually stop buying fabric, which is allowing me to use the fabric that I already have.

    Now that my hubby put me on a budget (it is his money these days, since I'm not working), I can either buy supplies or fabric and these days it's supplies I needing.

  2. Fabric appeals to the creative side of us. Your sweet stacks are yummy, too! I find I enjoy the stash more, when I can see it. I do tend to spend less that way, just putting a fabric selection to a pattern, and then it's just a background or border that binds it all together.

  3. oh dear. i have no help. no advice. nothing.
    this is a question i ponder on and ask my husband what to do. he is no help. he is FAR to supportive of my habit.

    maybe we should do the 'cash' envelope deal. no buying online. too easy. can only buy fabric with cash.

    my family doesn't really need groceries.

  4. i set a goal near daily to not go to a quilt shop and only if I don't go do I not spend money! It is the creative process and I can commisserate. I just joke that it is "more prosocial than heroin, but I wish it was cheaper!" some people don't know if I am joking or serious :).

  5. WOW, look at all that AMH!!! I love your reasons Jenny! Mine are much the same, I LOVE it, especially in pretty stacks waiting for a project. I reason with myself that if I'm not paying for my order in cash/debit than it's no longer on sale and not worth buying. (this helps me avoid all the sale alerts) I'm also trying to keep my stash in check by limiting it to my 'fabric cabinet' if I can't fit it in the designated shelves, it can't come home with me, lol.

  6. It just calls to me and I resistance is futile. It makes me happy--I think that's the biggest reason. I do try to only buy fabric when I have a specific plan for it. Unless it's Anna Maria Horner fabric--then I indulge myself. Honestly, though, I don't think it's that bad a problem for me. It's better than being addicted to drugs or alcohol. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  7. I buy fabric for all the reasons you listed. My problem also is that I love so many different styles of fabric...traditional, modern, name it! I'm really trying to be more selective, though...and really just buy what I love. I also try to just narrow it down to one Christmas line and one other holiday line per year. With some collections that go together (like all the Minick and Simpsons) I'll just buy charm packs of a few different lines and then try to put them all together in one quilt.

  8. I have a money saving method..being broke!
    Trust me, if I had more money (like I did this summer) I would need intervention. Which I am hoping this summer will be much like last summer...lots and lots of fabric to make up for my lack in the winter time!
    I buy fabric because I like to look at it, pet it, make stuff with it, hoard it, have it for swaps....just in case I need it. You never know if you will "need it". Oh, and dont forget that I buy it...well...because its on sale! HAHA

  9. Your stash is a dream! I stick to half yards and try to wait a day when looking online. I also wait until the fabric is out for at least six months. If I still like it, it is on sale most times. I am growing out of shelf space so that is now motivating me a bit to either use it or not buy.

  10. You crack me up. You have some gorgeous fabric there. I buy it 'cause I'm addicted. And I love it. And I could live to be 1,000 and never use it all. And for the record, you're Never coming over. You might be appalled LOL!

  11. your stash of american jane pez is making me jealous. I refuse to pay the extreme prices for this fabric. I hope they re-print in an upcoming collection!