Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cancer is Sew done

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I have been working on a few things around here.

My local quilt guild requires we all donate a quilt for charity.  Our charity is Camp Whatch Wanna Do...for children with cancer...I love doing this quilt and this year...I am done 6 months early!  Yippee!
One of our guild members generously offered to quilt a limited number of quilts for a nominal fee and I am happy to report I was able to take advantage of this deal.
I quickly took a picture before bagging the quilt up to give to my quilter......
ok, well...I just looked for the picture, and I can't find it.  so sorry.  It is a zig zag quilt using a tutorial at Crazy Mom Quilts.  Will post picture when i get it back.

On a similar note, I have also joined an online quilting bee called Cancer is Sew done.  I will be making a few blocks every three months that will be made into quilts to be sold as fundraisers for cancer research etc.  Im not very eloquent, so please follow the link and see if it is something you would like to get involved in too!

Im also working on a color wheel quilt for my son's twin bed.  It's been fun tearing out fabrics to find the right combination.  Im using the pattern found in Joelle Hoverson's book Last Minute Quilted + Patchwork Gifts.  Her quilt uses some fabrics from Denyse Schmidt's line of Flea Market Fancy, which I love and have next to NONE of, so that led me to a few swap groups on flickr. 

Our furnace quit working 4 days ago and it's been sewing area is an ice box, even with a space heater, so I have taken the time to pull out fabrics to swap on flickr and pull out fabrics for Hugo's quilt.  It's been fun really.  Although I find the swapping  addictive!  but I knew that already!  :)

OK, I can't post again without a picture, and since I can't find my zig zag quilt pic, I'll leave you with a picture of Coco and Hugo before Christmas Eve girl doesn't like wearing dresses but she relented this evening...just for me.


  1. wow, thanks so much for alerting me to Cancer is Sew Done! I ran right over there and joined up. My best work friend is 30 and battling breast cancer right now for the second time, AFTER a double mastectomy last time. She just had chemo two days ago and is doing well, no vomiting this time. I am glad I can do something!

  2. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the opposite, little miss 3 will ONLY wear skirts and dresses and nothing else! adorable! my little miss actually wore her fairy outfit to church on christmas eve as they needed angels and she was the closest to an angel we had!!!