Saturday, January 16, 2010

color wheel continues

I got my zig zag quilt back today from the quilter.  variagated thread with a large stipple.  very nice, and every inexpensive.  Again, the theme for the charity quilt this year is "wild one" so I hope this fits the bill.  Not sure what I will do for the binding yet...any suggestions?      And it has also led me to think about Hugo's color wheel quilt...the pattern shows the wheel on white background but maybe a gray would be nice too?   This is Kona Coal I think...but what about Kona local quilt shop has it on sale right now for $4.50 yard...

So work continues on the color wheel quilt.  I have started cutting some pieces although I am not sure that all 52 pieces I have laid out are keepers.  It still feels like progress.

And as mentioned, my quilt shop has a good sale right now...hundreds of bolts for $6...I got a little bit of some solids for my upcoming bee month (March for both bees I participate in!!)  and a few dots that I just love.

Thanks for the comments in my previous post, it is so nice to know I am not alone!


  1. Love your zig zag! your color wheel looks great, too, so, how big is your wheel going to be?
    :-} pokey

  2. For the binding, I would pick a solid that goes with one of your favorite colors.

    For the color wheel, I wouldn't do Ash. I'm using it now for my ticker tape quilt, and I don't think your color wheel would have enough pop against it. Either white or the coal is what I'd do.

  3. Your zig zag turned out just wonderful! Isn't that a great tutorial? I think I'll have to make another in the future.

    Can't wait to see your color wheel quilt - I too think coal would be great for a binding. Ash is really light - I saw it in person this weekend and it was lighter than I thought it would be.

    Happy quilting!

  4. Your zig zag quilt is just beautiful...the quilting really made it come to life, didn't it? I would use all the colored fabrics you used in the quilt, for the binding. Just cut different lengths of each and sew them end to end until you have enough. I love that look!

  5. oh nice. i think a color wheel quilt is going to be great. happy sewing!

  6. I am very jealous of you with your local quilt shops and thier bargainous sales!!!!!! I would love not to have to shop on etsy all the time and actually see the fabrics before I buy grrrr!! For contrast, Amy Butler fabrics (they don't have heathers or denyses!) in my local but not really local dept store costs the equivalent of around $14!!!!!! a metre.
    I will calm myself down by staring at your colourwheel quilt, so very calming and coming together very smartly!!!!!!

  7. Love the zig zag!! Would you use the same dark colour as the zip zag in betweens?
    And I have been wanting to do a colour wheel quilt for ages! Grey might be a nice change, something a little different. Either would be great xox

  8. Glad to see your color wheel quilt coming along! It's going to be fantastic!

  9. I love this quilt!! I was thinking maybe a scrappy binding would be fun since you're highlighting so many different colors. Also, the block you made in the post above is beautiful. Great colors!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway too! Have a great day!