Tuesday, November 3, 2009

daylight savings

Is anyone else struggling with a toddler who just doesn't accept daylight savings time change? In fact, down right ignores it? We have had some very early mornings at my house...

but I have managed to finish my blocks for SIS BOOM POW. I found the tutorial at Cluck Cluck Sew and had a lot of fun doing these blocks. I am a novice with applique so I thought raw edge would be a nice place to start.


  1. Yaayy! Jenny can link!!!
    Love those tree blocks, they are definately calling me!!!

  2. Jenny, I love these! You can make me up one anytime. ha ha I love to applique. Maybe I'll incorporate that into my quilt. Do you think it would be too hard for everyone?

  3. LOVE you Sis Boom Pow blocks! Just perfect!

  4. daylight savings time sucks!