Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 How do you keep track of your quilting TO DO list?  To this point, I have been MENTALLY keeping track of my TO DO list and I probably don't have to tell you how unsuccessful that method has been.

Do you keep a list posted next to you sewing machine?
Do you keep a journal?  My mom bought me a quilting journal...I have no idea where it is...
I have started a few galleries on Flickr but it is turning more into a favorites gallery.
I need to get organized and spend my few quilting/sewing hours productively, can you tell me how you do it?
I have bought books (or rather borrowed from the library) on organizing your craft space.
Your help is needed!!

And on a side note, Im going thru my stash again, and I must lighten my load.  I listed a few things on ETSY (an plan to list more as I find the time) and if you buy something, leave me a note...I will stuff lots of extra goodies in your envelope!!


  1. I sort-of have a to do list, mostly it is inspirational. I am pretty good at keeping a mental list of what I need to do. I have a love/hate relationship with to-do lists, I think they are vital for smooth daily functioning, but I am kind of rebellious, so sometimes I won't do it, just because it is written down. Good luck with the destash, I will have to check it out!

  2. I keep a sticky note of what I want to finish up in the next 10 days or so (or in today's case, by this weekend). Putting things on a list much farther out than that doesn't work so much for me because i'm likely to have changed my mind or gone another direction by the time I get to it. So some ideas that aren't urgent yet are still floating in my head.

  3. I have the gallery thing going, too. But it's pretty hard to manage. I have a magnetic framed board in my sewing space that I put in-process stuff on. That seems to help. But I'm not very good at it either - too many ideas I MUST DO :)

  4. I have a chalkboard (that I made with Sherbet Pips) where I write down what projects I have to do.

  5. I have a task list app on my phone that I use for my to do lists, shopping lists, etc. I have a separate one for my sewing list!

  6. I have a list on my blog of "quilt plans" that is then subdivided into near-future and future-future. That way I can link to inspiration quilts, list deadlines, fabric ideas, etc..

    I then keep BIG sticky notes (4x6 size) in my workspace (on my wall) with my quilt WIPs and TO-DOs listed individually. I line up the stickies in order that I need to work on the quilts. When I finish a project, I LOVE removing the sticky and throwing it away. I also like being able to visually see that I have 5 (or whatever) WIPs sitting there. That visual can sometimes help me from starting yet another project. And, since the notes are sticky, I can also move them around if deadlines/urgency/desires change.

  7. I love the sticky note idea, actually! I use that at work. For quilts, I have a running list of WIPs and WIMMs on my blog. WIMMs are "works in my mind" - someday projects. And then there's the short-term (0-2 month deadlines) stuff including bee blocks and whatnot, which I list regularly so that I can cross things off. I loooove crossing things off my list.

  8. I used to keep a 'draft' on going in my gmail account but moved it to a new 'note' since I got an iPad this summer. I add to it and delete from it all the time, and check off what I've completed. I also keep a separate 'note' of things 'I've finished/made' to remind myself that I actually do finish and complete things when my 'to-sew' list seems to be getting overwhelmingly out of hand. I like keeping favorites in flickr for ideas but pinterestseems easier to group ideas :)

  9. Yes I have sticky notes of what I need to get accomplished and also what I want to sew in the future which is sort of an inspirational list. These are kept next to my sewing machine. I find just writing things down like that makes me feel more organised and motivated. Hope this helps you out a little Jenny!