Saturday, October 22, 2011


How in the world does anyone decide on what fabrics to take to a quilting class???

I am perplexed!!
I am lucky enough to be going to FOUR Gwen Marston classes next month and I feel like I will need to take a large piece of luggage for my fabric choices alone...
And seeing that this is the first time I have ever attended a quilting class, I have none of the proper "quilter's luggage" I've seen many of the women in my guild prancy about with...
but nothing I can do about that...I need to decide on fabric!!

She outlines for each class how much/which fabrics to bring, and then says to err on the side of too much fabric, well, I think I've done a good job on erring on the side of caution...behold my tentative stacks!!

Abstact quilts in solids class

 Liberated Log Cabin...I was going for a more masculine feel for this quilt...but I might have gone overboard.
 Liberated Baskets:
 Small Quilts.  ha! laughing at myself with this pile...nothing small about this stack!!  I was going for a "quiet, neutral" quilt...but then feared I didn't have enough contrast so threw in all the Kaffe spots...

OK, who out there can help me focus????


  1. Really, take it all! That way you have everything that you need. You don't have to use it all, and I'm sure Gwen can help you weed things out as you are in the process. I love each stack, I don't think you should get rid of anything! Unless of course you feel like sending them my way ;) I think I see a dozen or more favorites.

  2. I think Krista is right....take it all with you.
    chances are if you pick out a few to leave behind, those will be the pieces you will be looking for at the workshop!
    Have fun.

  3. So lucky to be going to 4 of her classes!!!! Looks like lots of great stuff. The only thing I would change is to add a few of the solids into the log cabin stack - it looks like you need a few blenders in there. So for sure take it all!

  4. You will love your classes, and your fabrics looks just right. Gwen is so fun, and it is great to see her work in person. Please report, and have a great time!

  5. Oh, you lucky girl -- you're going to have SOOO much fun! I'm VERY envious and I can't wait to see what you make. (Btw, where is the Tuesday night thing -- the Cafe?)