Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here is the good and the bad of my week, fabric wise...
first...the good

 I won a giveaway at Don't Call Me Betsy!!!  Sew Fresh Fabric on Etsy sponsored the giveaway and they sent me 8 very fresh, new to me 1/2 yards cuts!  Just looking at this pile makes me think spring, which is important as the snow falls and the temperature drops...I apologize to you though...I didn't have time to take a pic during the this is the best my wee camera can do at night.

and now the bad:
not bad fabric mind you...just bad habits.  Stopped into my LQS looking for a fabric for an upcoming quilt I am working on, and lucky for me, they had it!  But they also had lots of new fabrics on the sale rack.  So polka dots and Ash Kona solid came home with me...for all the wrong reasons...not that I don't like all of these, I do...but if I am honest, the price was too hard to resist!

So here we are on the 8th day of the year, and I easily and readily have slipped back into bad habits.  I am really going to try and stay within my fabric budget this year...


  1. Girl, If thats the worst thing you ever do your Momma should be very proud of you, Smiles

  2. You can handle this little set back right? =) I know exactly how you feel, EXACTLY! =)

  3. Admitting your setback is the first step, right? Fabric budgets are tough, so tough. Good luck getting back on the horse! :)

  4. Hey, most of those fabrics were free, so they support your fabric diet. Looks like a great giveaway win. Love those polkies!

  5. I'm thinking there are worse bad habits in the world.

  6. congratulations on your win!

    it's hard not to give in to a good sale or the perfect fabric you've been looking for. I'm the same way!!

  7. Fabulous habits are not meant to be broken, friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!