Sunday, October 17, 2010


For someone who really likes a clean house (although it certainly doesn't stay that way long...) my sewing area is a real mess.  I am crafting for an upcoming craft fair at a local school and it looks as if a bomb has gone off in my room!

How does my cutting table end up looking like this?  I am making hair ties and the scraps multiple like rabbits for sure!  And since when do I think the floor is an acceptable place to try and stay organized?

I have a very nice, unknown fabric that has been in my stash forever and when my husband spyed a blue horseshoe he suggested i make hair ties with honor of his favorite football team, the Indianapolis Colts...and well, since I don't see myself using this fabric, I thought I may as well cut it up for hair wasteful....but cute hair ties!


  1. Wow are you a busy bee! Cutting up that panel doesn't seem wasteful to me! All those little images are adorable! I'm sure they'll be a great seller at the craft fair!! =)

  2. is your hubby going to wear the hair ties??? :)
    at least the colts won last night!

  3. Oooh, those hair ties are super cute! I'll bet you'll have some colt fans who'll definitely buy them!