Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trimmed With Love

Here are my two submissions for Melissa's contest Trimmed With Love at Lilac Lane.

I'm making some fabric covered button hair ties for an upcoming craft show and am entirely addicted to making these!  I look at fabrics differently right now, analysing whether I think it would make a good button or not!

And for my mothers birthday...a ric rac embellished hand towel for her vintage camping trailer.  I'm not sure how vintage this towel looks, well, I know it is not at all...but she loves ric rac...and it is trimmed with love, after all!

 So don't waste any time, hop on over to Melissa's fun blog and add your items that have been trimmed with love to be eligible for some really great prizes!


  1. hey, i want a picture of the vintage camping trailer!! :)

    cute stuff!!

  2. That fabric covered button is so cute!!

  3. I love those hairband buttons, a fabulous idea. The ric rac teatowel is lovely, I hope you win something. Thanks for the link xo

  4. That looks like a fun contest Jenny! I went to Pieced Together today -- it's like a different shop! Thanks for the quilting tip -- I'm going to have her quilt the quilt I'm working on - it's an emergency (ha!) and she'll be able to get it done on time. Hope you're having a good weekend!


  5. Oh! And I LOVE that cute little hair tie -- that fabric is perfect. I think the ricrac is definitely vintage looking too!

  6. I love these Jenny! Thanks so much for entering.