Monday, June 14, 2010

Quilter's Dozen block

Marie is making a disappearing 9 patch for her grandmother and asked us to all contribute a block using reproduction prints...Im debating whether the black, although a 30's repro, sticks out a little too much...

the block finished at 12 inches...although the directions called for it to finish at 12.5...Marie gave us all a shout out to let us know the directions are in error and they should finish at 12...whew...i got her note about 10 minutes after finishing my block...luckily i was too busy taking a picture to think of measuring the block and then freaking out about the wrong size!


  1. I think your block looks sweet. The black doesn't jump out at me. Plus, once it is added to everyone else's blocks it should blend right in.

  2. I agree with Robin that the black is fine. I've made 2 disappearing nine patch quilts in the last month and I think the few colors that stand out make it so much better.

  3. i think i need to try one of those blocks, one of these days..........

    back to painting. i'm procrastinating.

  4. Love the reproduction prints. Leave the black, its a great contrast. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! Its good to meet you!

  5. I think that 30s quilts need black and red to break up the "sweetness".
    This is going to be a cutie!