Monday, October 26, 2009


I made some fabric garland using a tutorial on Sew,Mama, Sew this past month and it is so darling. I used gingham fabrics and it will be perfect for a girls I am going to try some Halloween garland using the above fabrics, and some Christmas garland using the fabrics below...of course I may do some switching of fabrics yet, but these are the piles I'm starting with.

Hopefully I can post soon with all my various garland projects! Have any of you done garland before? Im using a scalloped design...just curious if there are any good tutorials of other shapes?


  1. Oh yummy!!! I love garlands like you don't know!! I've made christmas ones in the shapes of stockings, robins and trees!! Easter ones in chicks and eggs!! No triangle ones for me! though all mine are made out of felt.
    I like the scalloped idea, stick with that can't wait to see!!!

  2. Yay, you're blogging! I noticed when I sent out the noodles that you didn't have a blog then... so glad you started one. I love watching what others and doing and find constant inspiration. I'm adding you to my blog reader!

    Thanks for the kudos on nursing. I'm super happy to have made it this far and I can only hope to make it as far as you have. I tried to nurse my son (he's 6 now) for about 5 weeks, but he was tongue-tied and we didn't know enough to insist he have it snipped (which we later did anyway at 3 months). There is definitely a wonderful bond that comes with nursing and I already get teary when I think of ending our nursing relationship. Fortunately, we have some time.

    Well, anyway, can't wait to see what other pursuits you're up to! I'll be reading! (I sometimes read back issues of Artful Blogging - by the publishers of Somerset magazines - when I'm lacking inspiration... just a tip for when you get blogging block - we all do from time to time!)